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If you or your employee is injured on the job, come to MedPlus Family and Urgent Care for fast, affordable treatment. We’re available when you need care the most – open until 7 pm every day.

We work directly with workers’ compensation insurance companies and our providers are experienced in proper reporting and care of the injured worker, keeping the employer, insurer, and case manager apprised of the injury and treatment.




Unlike at the ER, at MedPlus Family and Urgent Care, there is never a long wait for care. And the charges billed to workers’ comp are significantly lower than what hospitals charge for an ER visit.

  • Our workers’ compensation services include: ​
  • Prompt evaluation and treatment of work-related injuries
  • Instant response to referring physicians
  • Timely, comprehensive work status reports Concise exam notes and prompt credible reports after the exam
  • Effective communication with employers, adjusters and case managers

For prompt and skillful care of work-related injuries, save time and money by coming to MedPlus Family and Urgent Care in Mississippi. There is no appointment needed but you can save time by checking in online.