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MedPlus Urgent clinics can perform COVID-19 tests for people with symptoms resembling coronavirus. We also offer COVID-19 testing for patients without symptoms but have specific indications. Similar to other diagnostic tests, before ordering a test, our providers will review all your medical history and current symptoms.

Anybody who is experiencing symptoms similar to COVID-19 should talk to their provider about getting tested. COVID-19 can cause more severe complications in older adults and those of all ages who have serious medical conditions. Some surgeons might require a negative test before performing some elective surgery, so please consult your surgeon.

We also offer a COVID-19 antibody test, which helps to identify if you might have been previously infected by COVID-19.

The provider, or one of our trained clinical staff, will wear protective clothing, mask, and face shield and collect samples.

A sample can be collected from the nose. In some cases, however, it can also be taken from behind the throat like a strep test. This slightly uncomfortable procedure, which is also used to detect influenza, takes only a few minutes.

The provider then packs the samples in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, and then they are shipped to a lab. The laboratory then tests the specimens for COVID-19. For rapid tests, the laboratory will quickly test your specimens and give you the results on-site.

The provider will release the test results to both the patient or to public health officials according to state regulations.

MedPlus offers 2 types of COVID-19 tests:

  1. Test sent to an external laboratory
  2. Rapid test that gives results in minutes.

Your visit will be evaluated by a MedPlus provider to determine if you are a candidate for a rapid test or a send-out test. This is based on your specific situation and test availability.

Test using outside laboratory:

Because of its reliability and high-quality results, the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Test is currently the best COVID-19 test. These tests will be sent to the partner reference labs for processing.

Rapid test

MedPlus offers COVID-19 screening at selected locations. The Abbott ID and Quidel Sofia are rapid tests.

With the CARES Act, and the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act(FFCRA), patients generally do not cover the cost of the COVID-19 test and related services. This includes copays or any other out-of-pocket costs. However, there are some situations where your insurer may refuse coverage or impose cost-sharing restrictions if you are not symptomatic and have not been exposed to COVID-19. These cases will affect the cost of your treatment. MedPlus will reimburse any patients who have an out-of-pocket expense at the time they receive service.

The Federal Health Resources and Services Administration Program for COVID-19 Treatment, Administration, and Testing (HRSA) is free for most patients, except those who are uninsured. MedPlus will pay HRSA full reimbursement if HRSA covers your test and visit. MedPlus will issue a statement to you if HRSA determines that you aren’t eligible for coverage.

MedPlus charges $100 for the COVID test, and $135-$200 if the visit is not covered under insurance. The state in which your center is located, as well as the provider’s evaluation and the reason for your visit, will determine the cost.

MedPlus, under the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid Relief & Economic Security Act), is able to provide services at no cost to patients of any age for COVID-19. This includes an in-office or telemedicine appointment if applicable, testing costs at our clinics as well third-party laboratory costs.

The following requirements are required for participation in this government program:

  • The patient cannot have any type of private insurance.
  • Patients cannot be enrolled in government programs like Medicare for children or Medicaid for adults, other than a Medicaid limited benefit plan that doesn’t cover COVID-19 services.
  • The patient cannot receive any free services if they have insurance.
  • The CARES Act covers only certain Medplus services related to COVID-19, including COVID testing and test-related visits. The CARES Act does not cover prescription drugs, MedPlus services, or labs that aren’t related to COVID-19.
  • Patients must accept full payment if they submit false information to get free services.

Rapid tests can take between 5-13 minutes. You can get your results before you leave.

We anticipate that your COVID-19 test results can be obtained within one to three days of your request if your sample has been processed by an outside laboratory.

MedPlus will contact you when your results are available.

You can self-isolate yourself at home once you have had your screening. Follow the CDC’s instructions.

If you have one, your driver’s license. It is recommended that you bring any order from your doctor for testing as well.

You can use the Web Check-In, to check your symptoms and wait at home. We’ll call you when it is time to visit. To ensure social distancing, you can also call the clinic upon arrival and opt to wait in your car.

MedPlus is committed to your safety. All staff members are equipped with protective gear such as gloves and masks. We follow CDC guidelines for routine cleaning and sanitation.

We have also made some changes to the waiting room in order to make it more spacious and to promote social distancing to minimize contact with others.

You will also notice that the providers are wearing masks and protective clothes when collecting samples.