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Bio-Identical Hormone replacement therapy is a specialized area of medicine designed to balance the hormones in the body by using natural products. Bio Identical hormones are derived from natural plant sources and are identical to those that the body produces for itself. Bio Identical hormone therapy can be utilized by males as well as females. Each female patients hormones are tested using saliva testing, which is found to be more accurate than blood testing. The hormone testing is reviewed, and an individualized program is created for every patient. Hormone testing should be considered for patients with the following symptoms: hot flashes, night sweats, chronic fatigue, mood swings, low sex drive, vaginal discomfort, hair loss, weight gain, or the inability to lose weight, and irregular periods to name a few.  




Menopause occurs when a woman stops having her period. It is a normal part of aging. Female hormone levels can fluctuate in the years preceding and during menopause. These hormonal changes can cause hot flashes or night sweats, dry vaginal skin, and pain during sex. For some women, the symptoms may go away on their own. To relieve symptoms, some women opt for hormone replacement therapy (HRT), also known as menopausal hormone therapy. HRT may also be beneficial in osteoporosis prevention.

Menopausal Hormone Therapy is not for everyone. HRT is not for you if you:

There are different types of HRT. Some only have one hormone while others have two. Most will be administered as pills to be taken every day. However, there are also skin patches, vaginal creams, and gels that can be used as well.

There are some risks associated with HRT. Hormone therapy can increase the risk of breast cancer, strokes, blood clots, and heart attacks for some women. Some types of HRT have a greater risk than others, and every woman’s individual risks will vary depending on her medical history and lifestyle. Your health care provider and you should discuss the benefits and risks for you. You should only take the lowest possible dose of HRT and do so for as short a time as you can. Every 3-6 months, you should check to see if HRT is still necessary.



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