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Surviving Allergy Season in Mississippi

Springtime is upon us and you know what that means–budding flowers, fresh green grass and trees, and pollen. The very things that make spring beautiful are also the bain of all seasonal allergy sufferers’existence. Okay maybe that statement’s a bit extreme, but in the thick of spring, most allergy sufferers would agree.

Allergy season is especially hard on Mississippians, where foliage and trees are in abundance and pollen is everywhere from mid-March until June. The great news is, there are several ways you can survive and even thrive during allergy season. Check out our tips.

  • Know the difference between allergies and other conditions with similar symptoms like a sinus infection or cold. Generally speaking, if your symptoms last more than two weeks, nasal mucus is clear, and symptoms are devoid of aches and fever, it’s probably allergies. However, allergies can develop into a sinus infection so keep an eye on any changes in symptoms.
  • Take the allergy medications recommended by your medical provider. They may prescribe an antihistamine or simply suggest the best over-the-counter drug for your allergies. If your medications aren’t working, do not attempt to increase your dose. Re-visit your provider to determine a new treatment plan.
  • Keep your home a haven from outdoor and environmental allergies. Close your windows to keep pollen out, change air filters as needed, and clean surfaces regularly to keep your home free of dust, mold and other indoor allergens.
  • Natural remedies for relieving allergy symptoms include a saline nasal rinse using a neti pot for congestion and gargling with salt water to relieve an itchy throat.
  • Check the pollen count each day before making outdoor plans. You can find a daily and 5-day forecast at
  • Stay indoors on high pollen days.
  • If you do spend time outside, shed your clothing and shoes when you come indoors and take a shower if possible. If you don’t have time to shower, wash your hands and face.

If you are struggling to control your allergy symptoms with daily meds, consider talking with your provider about allergy immunotherapy treatment. This treatment will require regular medical visits but has been proven to be extremely effective in providing long-term relief for allergy sufferers.

Is your usual allergy treatment no longer relieving your symptoms? It’s time to re-visit a provider for a new treatment. Medplus is open 7 days a week so you can get help with your allergies at your convenience.

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